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Mo Farah celebrates concluding the event at the top of the vote. Credit @Cardiff10k via Twitter.

With a multitude of sports entering their rest periods, public focus may have now shifted onto other areas. Yet, with the occurrence of the Sports Personality of the Year awards, the sporting world seemed to be provided with a focal point once more. Considering the twelve nominees also ranged across a wide array of events, the ceremony may naturally have been able to attract a wide breadth of support, as everyone may have been able to resonate with the nominees. It seemed Anthony Joshua might have been the favourite to claim the crown, with his vast accomplishments and the high status of the sport itself complimenting each other to propel him to the forefront. Yet, Mo Farah ultimately emerged victorious, although whilst this may claim the focus, the unity showcased by all may be the crowning glory, with solidarity showcased in the quest to acknowledge proficiency.

The award itself originally came to fruition in 1954, yet seems to have consistently undergone innovation to remain relevant. As such, a consistent ideology seems to be to nominate athletes from a range of sports, from most viewed and therefore popular to competitions potentially on the rise. Thus, the ceremony seems to bypass boundaries, and enable all to be considered. This may enable a fresh influx of athletes to strive to involve themselves in their respective sports as opportunities may continuously arise for them to be recognised. Whilst the main award may naturally claim the majority of the focus, SPOTY also hosts multiple other accolades, ranging from overseas athletes, which naturally continues to focus on current sportspeople, to the unsung hero; this may showcase the multitude of practical pathways into a sport for all, and why teamwork across all areas may be important in achieving success.

Whilst all the nominated athletes may have been held in good stead due to boasting the necessary credentials, a key reason for potential victory seemed to be public popularity. With the public ultimately deciding upon the victor, appealing to them may be important, and thus continuous accomplishments in high-profile sports may superiorly impact these nominees. Mo Farah, who won the prime award, seemed to possess both traits, yet it may be the recipients of the second and third honours which may be more important. With other sports perhaps superiorly supported, these sportsmen’s success may showcase how remarkable their achievements might be, with Johnny Peacock highlighting how far Britain may have transitioned to champion Paralympians.

Bradley Lowery attained special recognition at the event, with his relationship with Jermain Defoe perhaps a contributing factor. Credit

Yet, the crowning glory of the event may have been the unity it creates, and whilst this may occur in part because of the period in the calendar which it occurs, as the entire focus of the sporting world is placed upon it, the prime reason may be its recognition of Bradley Lowery. Having attained a high profile, and in turn high levels of support, due to both his involvement in the Premier League and his persona itself, he seemed to resonate with the population. As such, they seemed to unite in the quest to productively impact his life, with this perhaps becoming an overarching goal for the entire nation. Therefore, in honouring him with an award, his legacy may be cemented, with this perhaps acting as the catalyst in people replicating his productivity in all aspects of their lives.

The event seems to be profoundly beneficial for the entirety of the sporting world, with this perhaps the main cause behind its longevity. It seems to offer a platform for all to achieve, with all sports, and their differing requirements, considered, and it seems to therefore be the crowning glory for an athletes’ year. With the large arena, vast crowds and a multitude of television exposure also key factors in its status, motivation may be at its peak to attain a position. With all athletes therefore striving for a place on the podium, SPOTY may in turn have a snowball effect in other key areas, such as reducing obesity, and with this potentially alleviating pressure on the NHS, its importance may be magnified.

How might the award entice athletes to perform at their peak capabilities?


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