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Nazanin and her child prior to her visit to Iran. Credit

After Iran’s decision to provide a resolution to the situation surrounding Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe via retaining her in the judicial system, the rest of the globe seemed to unite in opposition to both her proposed, and present, treatment. Whilst the decision of the Iranian Government may have occurred predominantly in tandem with their political ideologies, these seem to contrast the rest of the globe, and therefore this seems to be the driving factor behind the solidarity and support showcased. With the overarching point of her defence suggesting she was in the country on holiday, as opposed to the alternative which the Iranian Government seems to have suggested, it seems the public may ultimately be attempting to ensure her human rights may be upheld. With other global situations, including in Catalonia, also surrounding this debate, her case may eventually have a universal impact.

While Nazanin herself may remain a constant priority, political parties may be aiming to utilise this situation for personal gain. Most notably, this may be a factor for Labour, as with their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, publicly voicing his opposition to Boris Johnson’s comments, he may be highlighting the necessity for a fair resolution. With former Prime Minister, and Labour leader, Tony Blair recently stating Labour should be 20 points ahead in the polls, Corbyn’s comments may be vital in potentially accomplishing this goal. Considering his support of a return to a high standard of living, and ultimately a safe environment, underpins Labour’s ideologies, he might be showcasing to the public a predominant reason as to why he might be a prime candidate to lead the country. Johnson and the rest of the Conservative Government may also be striving for political gain, as his, and Michael Gove’s, recent apologies may suggest they might be aiming to improve on their previous actions, and adhere to the desires of the people. With the multitude of protests surrounding Conservative legislations which have recently occurred, the necessity for this may be intensifying.

The crowning glory of the predicament may be the unity showcased across the entirety of the globe, and with the situation bypassing both geographical and political boundaries, it seems Nazanin’s cause might have resonated with a multitude of countries. This appears to be re-emphasised by the support attained in an online petition striving to achieve her release. Her husband created this appeal, thus it may be a natural assumption to suggest her family may solely be prioritising earning her, and her daughter’s, safe return to Britain. Yet, the fact it has amassed over 1 million signatures across 155 countries may simultaneously suggest the public might similarly be aiming to productively impact the situation.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson may have played a key role in the situation. Credit @angelneptustar via Twitter.

Whilst the involvement of multiple nations and the public may be pivotal in placing Iran in challenging circumstances, potentially influencing them to alter their stance, it may be the involvement of the UN which has a superior impact. Considering one of the UN’s benefits is their ability to act as negotiators between governments, and play a key role in providing a resolution, they might be able to influence the Government. When this is coupled with their overarching aim to ensure the safety of all its members, they may be increasing Nazanin’s opportunities for release. Furthermore, their vocal support for her may hold more precedence due to their high status and influence, in turn increasing credibility for the movement.

Ultimately, while a resolution to the situation may occur in the future, predominantly due to the continuous ongoing debate, bringing the matter to the forefront of global focus may solely serve to enhance the chances of a release for Nazanin. Whilst this unity may prove how the situation may have resonated with the public, it may place Iran in challenging circumstances, and therefore more poignantly suggest how the entirety of the globe may be willing to unite in the face of adversity. As such, Nazanin’s predicament, while challenging, may lay the foundations in ensuring these kinds of events may be left in memory rather than replicated in the future.

How may the actions of the global population act as the catalyst for a safe return for Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her daughter?


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