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Sun cream technology

A new study has suggested sun cream using nano technology where Ultra violet (UV) filters are unabsorbed may protect the skin    ... more

A cultural quirk

From as early as the Neolithic period, alcohol has been present in the lives of civilisation and from then onwards, a    ... more

Red wine for white teeth?

Is there anything more blissful than the sound of red wine glugging into the bottom of a wine glass? The first    ... more

The cure is blue

They are the ingredient to America’s most popular muffin. They are a powerful antioxidant. They contain anthocyanin, a chemical that can    ... more

Enter the tomato

British research seemed to recently taken a step towards putting genetically modified food onto supermarket shelves. More specifically: putting purple tomatoes    ... more

Healthy caffeine

An estimated 400 million people may sip on a hot mug of coffee today, at breakfast, lunch break and any given    ... more