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Encouraging specialised education

With students across the country going back to school this month, Local Growth Minister, Penny Mordaunt, has announced a new plan.    ... more

Utilising young people’s potential

When envisioning youth work experience commissioned by relevant charities, images of work in the community, soup kitchens and outdoor maintenance may    ... more

Stitching more jobs into the workforce

The UK’s effort to promote more British made products and manufacturing has resulted in the launch of the Stitching Academy. The    ... more

John Lewis “University” to revolutionise retail careers

John Lewis raised the bar for apprenticeship schemes this week by announcing plans to launch the “University of John Lewis”, a    ... more

The Rise of Apprenticeship Schemes Gives Youngsters Hope

Sainsburys’ recent announcement of their new apprenticeship scheme looks aims to give young adults their first step towards future careers, and    ... more