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Adventures in Moominland

When Finnish artist, Tove Jansson, first published The Moomins and the Great Flood in 1945, she began what seemed to be    ... more

Re-designing London

Last week, the London Design Museum was re-opened in its new location on High Street Kensington, where it is now located    ... more

The art of anatomy

The human body and its anatomy may have been a source of interest across many fields for thousands of years, from    ... more

Artistic domains

For the past few years, platforms such as tumblr.com, Instagram and pages on Facebook may have been used as the dominant    ... more

Banding together

On Monday the 5th of December, some of East London’s most prominent musicians and fans may be crowding to Kamio in    ... more

A fair share of reading

For the 32nd time this November, the Miami Book Fair aims to take place at the Miami Dade College in downtown Miami,    ... more

A century of childhood

The “Century of the Child” movement was coined by Swedish visionary Ellen Key, who in 1900 stated the 20th century should    ... more

All bark without the bite in Zaragoza

In a week’s time in Zaragoza, visitors and locals may be able to relax after a ‘ruff’ day of work or    ... more

Pirate queen

Grace O’Malley is believed to have been born in or around 1530 and was the daughter of a Gaelic chieftain and    ... more

Fotografía, Artes Visuales y Madrid

For the last 19 years, the PHotoEspaña festival has endeavoured to educate and expose guests and artists alike to a variety    ... more

When Berlin takes back the night

For many, Berlin may have an extensive and potentially interesting history, especially regarding the previous century, and this summer may be    ... more

Abzu Credit@youtube.giantsquid

Artistic underwater adventure

Artists have aimed to permeate modern video games, something which might offer them a unique visual style and distinct charm. As    ... more

Dancing in a desert oasis

Each year around mid April, music lovers and festival goers from around the world come together for the Coachella Valley Music    ... more

Reliving the past in photographs

A Smiths exhibition aims at opening on the 9th of April in the Lowry Arts Centre at the Salford Quays, North    ... more

Mixing art and colour

Glasgow, a city that continues to transform following the success of last years Commonwealth Games, seems to have earned its reputation as    ... more

Popstar’s newest campaign

In the past few years, Lady Gaga originally known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, seems to have gone from strength to    ... more

Artistic bemusement

Many well renowned artists including the social activist, graffiti artist Banksy have come together to create an artistic 'bemusement' park to    ... more

The value of art

Christie’s, an art auction house, a name that speaks of fine art, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international glamour.    ... more

A snapshot of the future

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have invented the world’s first prototype video camera that is fully self-powered. It is capable of producing    ... more

Screen icon back where it all began

Film actors may be considered timeless, their work allowing them to last forever in society’s media and culture. Displays of emotion    ... more

Treasure hunt teaser of unique new artist

Friday past saw a unique ice breaker as the introduction to an up-and- coming artist. Many methods may be used to    ... more

The clean, Scandanavian design blends well into the local town. Credit@ bodo.kommune.no

New age design arrives to Artic shores

A new architecture project completed and unveiled last week is a story of big aspirations, taking chances and self-belief. A small    ... more

Legend lights the path

In the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands, one man’s tribute to an artistic icon has illuminating results. Inspired by Dutch painter Vincent    ... more

Honorary spotlight for wife and muse

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art this week aims to unveil their latest blockbuster exhibition. The paintings, sketches and watercolours    ... more

New leaps in preserving historical masterpiece

New light and air-conditioning systems were unveiled last week, installed in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City to counteract the effect of    ... more

Point Zero Painting club

By Poppy Chesterman, aged 10 years old I love painting because I can express my feelings and thoughts through my art. I    ... more

Dancing through South America

Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and eighth in the world. Its terrain is vast and diverse with    ... more

Summer beers amongst summer sounds

The museum quarter in the seventh district of Vienna is the eighth largest cultural area in the world, home to a    ... more

Discovering the land of vibrancy and art

Morocco’s Marrakech aims to be a city teeming with sensory overloads. Established in the early 16th century, this city proved itself    ... more

With walls of stone and a heart of art

This week marks the 65th anniversary for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, one of Europe's five most distinguished cultural festivals. It is    ... more

Hooping through Berlin

Berlin is the city for the traveler; it is young, multicultural and still finding its feet as the coolest destination in    ... more

City of wondrous history and beauty

In Caen one might find themselves falling into a calm stroll, far from the brisk Parisian pace which is unable to    ... more

Breathing more life into the north

The historic county of Yorkshire stretches as far as the small town of Sedbergh in the west, Middlesbrough and Whitby in    ... more

Carpe Diem in the land of antiquity

Africa is an ancient landmass on many fronts; in a geological sense the most aged rocks are dated to 4 billion    ... more


Hockney and his heroes

David Hockney’s new retrospective at the Dulwich Picture Gallery is a testament to the continuing relevance of one of Britain’s most    ... more

“What’s the point of it?”

Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed is one of Britain’s most playful, irreverent and thought-provoking artists. The entire Hayward Gallery is    ... more

Creative traits questioned in comedic art

The relation between personality traits and creativity has been a topic of interest for a long time. People like Ernest Hemingway    ... more

A new approach could prevail over HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, shortly refereed as HIV, has been a reality for many years now. Although the virus was recognized    ... more

Man-made proteins

A team at the University of North Carolina School of medicine has shown a novel and innovative treatment method which might    ... more

The London Film Museum, Covent Garden

Fancy somewhere a bit different to the usual selection of museums to visit during your day in London? The beautifully constructed    ... more

Need some Monet to get degas to make the Van Gogh

Ever wondered what it would be like to combine the art world with a racing legend? Well here is your answer.    ... more

The 20/21 British Art Fair to be held at the Royal College of Art

  This year’s 20/21 British Art Fair is to take place at the Royal College of Art from the 11th September    ... more

Around the world in many maps

This summer saw the launch of a creative, fresh online experience setting out to inspire the world. Maptia.com is hoping to    ... more

Stunning Chanel portraits to be displayed at new London College of Fashion exhibition

This September sees the London College of Fashion opening a new exhibition celebrating two of the most artistically talented women of    ... more

UAL presents its next generation of forward thinking artists

The University of Arts London’s academic year draws to a close as students display their hard work, and innovative visions in    ... more

Behind the Art: Alexander James

After the highly successfully opening of his immersive exhibition of meticulously-constructed, exquisite underwater photographic images, Alexander James speaks to The Positive    ... more

Art After Dark: Museums at Night 2013

With only two weeks before the UK’s annual late night festival of art, music and culture, hundreds of museums and galleries,    ... more

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Positive meets Hazel Nicholls, the artist that makes a few words worthy of a picture. After graduating from Camberwell College    ... more

Designing the Middle East Part 1: Making Art out of Conflict

19 Greek Street features Tel Aviv designers Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum in collaboration with Yoav Reches in Part 1 of    ... more

South London Art Loop

South East London’s loop

Tube-free South East London may soon see more connection to the capital’s public transport network thanks to the “Ginger line” extension    ... more