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Roll out the red carpet

Since the inception of the Academy Award Ceremony, there have been a grand total of 3,048 Oscar statuette’s presented. Each year    ... more

SHOUT for Birmingham

Since 2009, the SHOUT festival of queer arts has aimed to provide a safe space for expression and celebration for the    ... more

What rhymes with ‘born tall’?

For the second time this November, the Contemporary Poetry Festival aims to take place in Falmouth, Cornwall, on the weekend of the    ... more

Collective values save urban arts

London’s Southbank along the River Thames has progressed into a community empire of local interests and cultural art. Developed from uninhabitable marshland    ... more

Beyond Barbican: The Highlights of Summer 2013

World-class arts and learning organisation, the Barbican, is set to put on a sensational array of events and performances, collaborative exhibitions    ... more