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Thawing through the law

Last week, the landmark case regarding the cryonic freezing of a terminal 14 year-old was settled by the Honorable Mr. Justice    ... more

Observing the unobservable

The initiation of cancer cells has been observed for the first time, together with the rebirth of certain cell states only    ... more

A breath of fresh air

Evidence of the beneficial effects of using a hyperbaric chamber have been shown by the relief gained by a cancer patient    ... more

The raw power of food

The raw power of food

Studies have shown how raw food may be beneficial to the health and also how cooking may affect the nutrients in    ... more

Teenage breakthrough

As a 15-year-old sophomore at North County High School, Maryland, US, Jack Andraka may be far from an average young man.    ... more

Ahead of the pack

A newly discovered type of stem cell may allow human organ tissue to be grown inside large animals for research and    ... more

A legacy that aims to make a difference

Andy Fraser, the co-writer of iconic rock anthem "All Right Now" when he was a teenager for the British rock band    ... more

Tricks of the trade

For the first time, scientists have demonstrated the shuttling of DNA between mitochondria – a previously unobserved phenomenon. The findings are    ... more

Red meat. Credit@ornello_picsviaflickr.com

Raising the steaks

There is a wide recognition that the over-consumption of “red meat” increases the probability of the development of colorectal cancer in    ... more

A cultural quirk

From as early as the Neolithic period, alcohol has been present in the lives of civilisation and from then onwards, a    ... more

Health care transformation

The UK is set to become the world leader in groundbreaking genetic research into cancer and rare medical conditions, which should    ... more

Hormonal therapy

Breast Cancer patients were embraced with the recent announcement of cancer medication Tamoxifen reducing the recurrence of breast cancer in patients following    ... more

A super-food medicine

Scaling the terrains of South-East Asia, the root, turmeric (or haldi), has been used in pastes, desserts, dishes and juices. Hailed    ... more

Strides in cancer treatment from atypical ally

Viruses and mankind have shared an evolutionary history since the dawn of man, evolving, adapting to best infect and protect from    ... more

Vaccine trial takes more subtle route

Vaccines have aided humanity tremendously ever since their inception, improving immunity to pathogens whilst even sending some strains to the confines    ... more

New chemotherapy treatment triumphant

There are many options available to patients regarding their cancer treatment, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Charities such as Cancer Research    ... more

Novel discovery benefits chemo patients

The treatment of cancer with chemotherapy uses varying drugs, depending of the type of condition the patient is diagnosed with. Some    ... more

Seven health benefits

The ideology of a ‘super food’ may be an ever growing phrase in modern day health. Fruit and vegetables such as    ... more

Unexpected boost from novel source

Scientists from the United States’ University of Kansas Medical Centre have shown how using a vitamin supplement may eliminate cancer cells    ... more

Musical therapy

Music may seem to have many influences on life. Effecting mood, concentration, creativity and even the ability to learn, it may    ... more

Novel cancer detection system from a six-legged source

For the first time ever scientists have been able to use the olfactory system of an insect to detect cancer cells.    ... more

Medical breakthrough of the year 2013

Voted breakthrough of the year by the Washington-based journal Science, a potential revolution in cancer treatment that involves harnessing the body’s    ... more

Surviving cancer

Commensal bacteria make up part of the human microbiome: a population of microorganisms residing on or in skin, mouths and intestines,    ... more

Global inspiration as Angelina Jolie ‘proactively’ undergoes a double mastectomy

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, aged 37, revealed this week in The New York Times, in an article titled ‘My Medical Choice’,    ... more