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Red envelopes

The 2017 Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival”, has started on Saturday, January 28th, initiating another year of    ... more

Enter the New Year

As of this week, the year of the monkey arrives, according to the Chinese. The Chinese New Year, also known as    ... more

The star and key of the Indian Ocean

Thousands of miles off the southeast coast of the African continent is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean known    ... more

Celebrating the Year of the Horse in China. Pic credit@enghunan.gov.cn

A celebration for a new year

Planning for a late winter holiday this week? How about making a trip to China and celebrating their Lunar New Year,    ... more

Paper Lanterns Hanging During Chinese New Year in Gerrard Street

Chinatown confidential

The first day of the lunar month marks the start of the Chinese New Year. Also known as the ‘spring festival’    ... more