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The most incredible experience

Roald Dahl fans prepare for probably the most incredible experience of their lives as the Road Dahl Museum presents a jam-packed    ... more

A scrumdiddilyumptious day at the Roald Dahl museum

By Yasmin Giannini, aged 9 years old This year marks the 50th anniversary of the best children’s book ever written, Charlie    ... more

The timeless treat

From celebratory gift items to comforting hot drinks, chocolate has been known as a valued confectionery whether it is wrapped in    ... more

Chocolate footsteps

In 1961, a Canadian journalist noted in the Pasadena Independent: ‘Would you call a person who is fond of chocolate a    ... more

The Scrumdidilyuptious 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It’s 50 years since the incredible Roald Dahl first put pen to paper and created the most famous children’s book ever    ... more