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An exploration of energy

Upon Donald Trump vocalising his intention to remove the US from the Paris Agreement, the entirety of the world seemed to unite    ... more

Contributors to change

Upon Trump’s successful electoral campaign, he seemed to prioritise the rapid implementation of a number of his key policies, in order    ... more

Climate diplomacy

Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement on climate change, American and international leaders and the    ... more

A national achievement

The industrial revolution may have been a prosperous period for Great Britain, a time, which saw the country undergo significant changes.    ... more

A climate for change

Following the election of Donald Trump last week, many treaties and policies may have been suggested for reform and adjustment, some    ... more

Ride the wave

Climate change and El Niño may be creating inspiring experiences for sports enthusiasts. An El Niño event takes place when stored    ... more

Nature’s contingency plans

New research suggests nature may have other ways of dealing with ever-increasing global warming. The research demonstrates how phytoplankton biodiversity changes    ... more

Renaissance lizards

The world’s first example of climate-induced sex reversal in the wild was discovered last week. The finding was published on the    ... more

Towards brighter skies

A leading Chinese weather scientist has stated the effects that climate change might have on infrastructure projects and the health the    ... more

Listen to the sounds

Marine-ending glaciers and the ocean surface have been observed to show complex and dynamic climate-driven ice-water interactions in their contact zone.    ... more

Collaborative resolutions

The 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum kicks off at Davos today in Switzerland. There are 2500 delegates attending    ... more

A breath of fresh air

A new NASA-led study suggests tropical forests are responsible for absorbing more of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) than previously thought.    ... more

Renewed enthusiasm to create ecological sustainability

Action on climate change focused London’s attention this Sunday when campaigners for the Peoples Climate march took a stand throughout the    ... more

Power to the people

The individual is just as important as the collective when it comes to preserving our current climate and environment. A recent    ... more

Green energy on the rise

Since the Industrial Revolution we have been generating power in many different ways. For over a hundred years, the burning of    ... more

Low-carbon energy outlay

Siemens has announced its decision to invest £160 million in wind turbine production and installation facilities in Yorkshire, creating more than    ... more

New approach to clean energy

Fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas have been used both in industry and to produce power for households for    ... more

Challenging the climate

For the flying champion of the bird world; the Godwit’s ability to judge weather conditions and its adaptability might saved the    ... more