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Becoming ‘More United’

Over Christmas, the movement More United may have run a successful crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise funds for their    ... more

Mind the tax

According to a recent press release from Blick Rothenberg, entrepreneurs seeking to fund their business through crowdfunding may be knowledgeable on    ... more

Revolutionary sound

A new technology aims to revolutionise the way individuals listen to sound and music. This technology is headphone free and uses    ... more

Online alternative finance

In 2014, the total amount raised through various alternative finance models is on track to more than double compared to 2013.    ... more

Theatre launches Crowd-funding Campaign to stay open this winter

With the sunshine just around the corner it is perhaps tough to remember the difficulties of the winter months, but Hackney-based    ... more

Aerial view of crowd of people arranged in British pound symbol

Regulator approval boosts crowdfunding

The appeal of crowdfunding, the rapidly-growing phenomenon that allows those with even modest means to invest in companies and projects, may    ... more