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A spiced up metabolism

Brought into European culture thanks to the Romans many centuries ago, ginger may have the possibility to be found everywhere in many    ... more

The race for a cure

The rapid spread of Zaire ebolavirus (or more commonly, Ebola) prompted agencies, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) to encourage    ... more

Hormonal therapy

Breast Cancer patients were embraced with the recent announcement of cancer medication Tamoxifen reducing the recurrence of breast cancer in patients following    ... more

Testing for future brain health

A team of researchers at Georgetown University, Washington DC, have discovered the world’s first blood test to predict Alzheimer’s. By determining    ... more

A new approach could prevail over HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, shortly refereed as HIV, has been a reality for many years now. Although the virus was recognized    ... more

Sleepful travels

The human brain may be constantly analysing stimuli, orchestrating thousands of unique biological processes to maintain order throughout the body. The    ... more