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A genetic discovery

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A well earned boost

How exercise improves the overall health of an individual has been proven. The focus has been on the biological changes occurring    ... more

Frequency key to diabetes management

Type into google “diabetes management” and you will open pages upon pages of advice from health scientists, forums, support groups and    ... more

Innovative research on improving brain function

Research conducted by the Medical Centre of Georgia, Georgia Regents University, has shown how regular exercise can have a impactful effect    ... more

More dairy and low gluten

The word ‘diet’ is often related with becoming slimmer. Even if a healthy diet is intended to keep you healthy, a    ... more

Challenging diabetes through sport

The world's first all-diabetes professional cycling team are set to start their new season on Monday, taking to the mountains of    ... more

Pumping iron

A new study published in the online journal PLoS Medicine by a research team from Harvard University has shown muscle strengthening    ... more

Healthy caffeine

An estimated 400 million people may sip on a hot mug of coffee today, at breakfast, lunch break and any given    ... more