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A genetic discovery

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Genetic data storage

In human beings and other organisms, there is a hereditary material in each cell known as deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA as    ... more

Nature’s data storage

New research demonstrates how DNA may be used to store digital data, potentially solving the digital data growth presently seen. The    ... more

A rational decision

New research has demonstrated the effects of exercise on cognitive competency, especially in aging individuals. An accumulation of research may demonstrate    ... more

Closer to the truth

New evidence suggests it may be relatively easy to transfer DNA material to an individual which is then found at a    ... more

Longest living cell

A new study has highlighted how a single neuron contains a record of thousands of genetic mutations and these may be    ... more

Broad strokes

A new test might be able to detect every virus that someone has ever harboured from a single drop of blood.    ... more

A wider frame of mind

The most comprehensive evidence to date of schizophrenia’s causes has been produced by an international team of scientists led by researchers    ... more

Age before science

Scientists may have learned how to reverse human ageing. Researchers from the Salk Institute in the US and the Chinese Academy    ... more

Out of sight, out of mind

Researchers in the US have discovered that a particular RNA molecule may be directed to increase the production of neurons. The    ... more

A therapeutic approach

Experts are teaming up to preserve promising gene-editing style approaches to therapeutic research. Specifically, scientists are encouraging a discussion to decide    ... more

Pecking at the genome

Researchers in Sweden and the US have revealed an interesting amount of interbreeding between Charles Darwin’s finch species through whole-genome sequencing.    ... more

History in the making

In a historic move, MPs have voted in favour for the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one    ... more

Tricks of the trade

For the first time, scientists have demonstrated the shuttling of DNA between mitochondria – a previously unobserved phenomenon. The findings are    ... more

Diagnosis put to the test

Breaking research has demonstrated for the first time that more precise DNA techniques may enable the identification of certain prenatal and    ... more

Throwing genetics through a loop

Researchers at Harvard University recently constructed the first ever high-resolution, 3-D map of the folded genome. Informally referred to as the    ... more

A new lease on life 

UK scientists have synthesised the world’s first artificial enzyme using nucleic acids produced in the lab called ‘XNA’. This research encourages    ... more

Health care transformation

The UK is set to become the world leader in groundbreaking genetic research into cancer and rare medical conditions, which should    ... more

A genetic ray of sunshine

Most of us may stay in the sun longer than we should, especially in the summer time. Others may use sun    ... more

Briony Marshall: Life Forming

This year Oxford Biochemistry graduate, Briony Marshall, celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the momentous scientific discovery of DNA, but not in    ... more

Pipetting DNA sample onto DNA sequencing gel

‘Quadruple helix’ cancer cure

A group of chemical biologists at the University of Cambridge have proven the existence of the quadruple helix in human cells,    ... more