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Fast Food Founder

The name “McDonald’s” seems to be internationally recognised. Along with its golden arches, resembling the letter “M”, this international company may    ... more

Seaside drama

Film may span a broad net of style and may be a genre, which shares traits with other forms of media.    ... more

An artful life

By Shivani Handa, aged 12 years old Whether it’s dancing, singing, drama, music or painting, the arts may be one of    ... more

The symphony of a city

From its Romanesque, gothic churches, Baroque architecture and crisp alpine landscape;, Salzburg is a city of visual brilliance. Surrounded by the    ... more

A moment of ‘Privacy’

This April has seen the opening of a brand new play in London, one which brings along an entirely new variation    ... more

A novel way to overcome people who challenge others

In an attempt to confront the act of challenging and domineering, a London youth group turns to the honourable arts of    ... more