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A cardiovascular evaluation

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body, a muscular organ responsible for circulating blood around    ... more

A well earned boost

How exercise improves the overall health of an individual has been proven. The focus has been on the biological changes occurring    ... more

A rational decision

New research has demonstrated the effects of exercise on cognitive competency, especially in aging individuals. An accumulation of research may demonstrate    ... more

Fresh perspective on hand

Challenging the body and mind with new perspectives on health - this is the concept driving one of the latest health    ... more

More than a furry friend

Having a dog may provide a wealth of emotional benefits to its owner. A new study carried out by researchers from    ... more

Keep your eyes on the “PRISE”

Weight reduction: a multi-million pound industry with thousands of books, tips and professional advice circulating today’s many media outlets. However, whereas    ... more

Common metal gives women an edge

Move aside Ironman, Ironwoman is here to take your place. A new study from an international team of scientists has noted    ... more

Jogging your memory

Summer’s on the way, and so is the plethora of joggers that make good use of the warm weather and extra    ... more

Innovative research on improving brain function

Research conducted by the Medical Centre of Georgia, Georgia Regents University, has shown how regular exercise can have a impactful effect    ... more

How to make your future self thank you

Engaging in any form of sports and ensuring a healthy, balanced diet are some of the most productive ways of transforming    ... more

New study may help girls overturn obesity related conditions

Obesity is a major challenge in developed countries such as the UK, with the most recent statistics indicating that 33 percent    ... more

Improving children’s school grades

“If moderate to vigorous physical activity does influence academic attainment this has implications for public health and education policy by providing    ... more

Hotpod Yoga London

Hotpod Yoga

“It looks like we’re entering a bouncy castle!” one woman says as she enters an inflatable pod-like structure. This is Hotpod    ... more