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All bark without the bite in Zaragoza

In a week’s time in Zaragoza, visitors and locals may be able to relax after a ‘ruff’ day of work or    ... more

Rolling in the celebrations

British Rock ’n’ Roll band The Rolling Stones still consist to this day of their 4 members:  Sir Mick Jagger for    ... more

Reliving the past in photographs

A Smiths exhibition aims at opening on the 9th of April in the Lowry Arts Centre at the Salford Quays, North    ... more

Designs of indulgence

Interesting shades of luxury, it may be suggested as - opulence or splendor - a state of great comfort, especially involving    ... more

Screen icon back where it all began

Film actors may be considered timeless, their work allowing them to last forever in society’s media and culture. Displays of emotion    ... more

Treasure hunt teaser of unique new artist

Friday past saw a unique ice breaker as the introduction to an up-and- coming artist. Many methods may be used to    ... more

Legend lights the path

In the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands, one man’s tribute to an artistic icon has illuminating results. Inspired by Dutch painter Vincent    ... more

Honorary spotlight for wife and muse

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art this week aims to unveil their latest blockbuster exhibition. The paintings, sketches and watercolours    ... more

Discovering the land of vibrancy and art

Morocco’s Marrakech aims to be a city teeming with sensory overloads. Established in the early 16th century, this city proved itself    ... more


Hockney and his heroes

David Hockney’s new retrospective at the Dulwich Picture Gallery is a testament to the continuing relevance of one of Britain’s most    ... more

Behind the Art: Alexander James

After the highly successfully opening of his immersive exhibition of meticulously-constructed, exquisite underwater photographic images, Alexander James speaks to The Positive    ... more

Alexander James: Intersection

The exceptional exhibition of underwater photography entitled ‘Intersection’, by the well-established and skilled photographer Alexander James has caused a sensational stir    ... more

Designing the Middle East Part 1: Making Art out of Conflict

19 Greek Street features Tel Aviv designers Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum in collaboration with Yoav Reches in Part 1 of    ... more