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Increasing accountability

Special tax arrangements for international businesses operating in the United Kingdom may continue to be a challenging task for Her Majesty’s    ... more

Changing face of Journalism

Facebook, a social networking site, announces the launch of Instant Articles; a new mobile news product that may allow publishers create    ... more

Could Facebook improve your mood?

Sitting at their laptops and flicking through Facebook news feeds, nearly 689,000 unsuspecting members of the public were part of a    ... more

Behind our status updates

The growth and importance of social networking sites (SNS) has been substantial in recent years, as can be seen through the    ... more

Apps modernize global economy

Since their infancy apps have exploded on a global scale, with the EU’s app sector currently worth €17.5billion. By 2018 it    ... more

The trend about to change

The growing social trend described as an ‘online drinking game’ has hit its aim in achieving global status. Like all trends    ... more

The health benefits of social media

A discovery linking social gaming to weight reduction has been made by researchers from the Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.    ... more

Resolution change

The New Year’s Resolution seems to have become one of the Western world’s most famous traditions; an act of promise, self-improvement    ... more

Grab some fresh air

Technology may provide with helpful, time saving, innovative gadgets and devices to assist with the simplicity of boiling an egg to    ... more

A channel that leaves a great taste

YouTube cooking channels in particular seemed to have started to be very popular among young people, many of whom might be    ... more