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Recognition for a role model

A recent speech from Prime Minister Theresa May acted as the conformation multiple petitioners may have been expecting: the announcement of    ... more

Marching forward

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, people around the world marched for equality, diversity, inclusion, as part of the Women’s March on    ... more

Political evolution

In the weeks since the release of the now infamous recording of Donald Trump in conversation with Billy Bush regarding women    ... more

Wonderment at woman warrior

Permeating pop culture and renowned as one of the most iconic fictional female characters, Wonder Woman is the immortal Amazonian warrior    ... more

Solidarity and gender unification

Over the course of the past week the UN has staged productive discussions on international attitudes towards feminism. Actress Emma Watson,    ... more

Parliamentary debate revitalises feminism

When looking back at British history and the achievements of feminism and gender equality, some may say a focus on gender    ... more

The modern “f” word

As a new wave of feminism seems to be slowly securing its ever increasing grasp on the country, more and more    ... more