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Extraterrestrial knight

The vehicle morphing series known as Transformers gears up to release the fifth installment in its live-action series. Presented as, Transformers:    ... more

Worlds other than theses

Stephen King may be known as a multi-award winning American author with several notable titles in his bibliography, over 50 published titles    ... more

The saga continues

It was 2015 when Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Studios returned Star Wars to cinemas across the world. Released with the subtitle    ... more

A cybernetic enhancement

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese Manga series from writer and illustrator Shirow Masamune depicting a future where technological growth    ... more

Roll out the red carpet

Since the inception of the Academy Award Ceremony, there have been a grand total of 3,048 Oscar statuette’s presented. Each year    ... more

Artistic domains

For the past few years, platforms such as tumblr.com, Instagram and pages on Facebook may have been used as the dominant    ... more

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It was 1991 when Walt Disney entertainment aimed to introduce audiences to the romantic tale of Beauty and the Beast. Previously,    ... more

Big Apple Cosplay

Numerous times a year and across the world, fans of pop culture aim to congregate and celebrate their favourites in the    ... more

A peculiar adaptation

When something stands out from the norm, distinct in its mannerisms or behaviour, one might use the word peculiar to describe    ... more

The importance of family

Pixar Animation Studios first entered society’s collective consciousness back in 1995, with a film about friendship and toys coming to life.    ... more

A sensory experience

The newly released 2016 film ‘The Revenant’ may be considered one of few cinematic creations so fully committed, to the notion    ... more

Understanding motherhood

Lenny Abrahamson, an Irish independent filmmaker, explores in the newly released film ‘Room’ a humanistic portrayal of the real life story    ... more

A comedic shift

The Entertainment industry may have seen an evolution of leading females in comedy, introducing a generation of comedians who act, perform    ... more

The revival of the classic

New spin off film ‘Victor Frankenstein’ has been newly released as a modern adaption of Mary Shelley’s classic novel ‘Frankenstein’. It    ... more

Nature’s necessities

Disney has recently released the first glimpse of the upcoming movie, ‘The Jungle Book’. Over 12 million people have watched the    ... more

A musical star of Kajaki

‘Kajaki. The True Story’ is a remarkable story that has been the surprise package in cinemas this December. This war thriller    ... more

The Penguins of Madagascar

Film review by Poppy Chesterman aged 10 years old On Saturday, I went with my dad to the Barbican Children’s Film    ... more

Being a film extra

By Libby Salmon, aged 10 years old Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be an extra in a film called    ... more

Movie review: The fault in our stars

Movie review by Shivani Handa, aged 12 years old Entertaining audiences with its humorous yet evocative scenes, The fault in our    ... more

The Montagues and Capulets in Palestine

Hailed as a modern day Romeo and Juliet, the Oscar nominated OMAR is set to be released into UK cinemas at    ... more

Sundancing in London

This coming weekend will see the arrival of Britain’s very own taster of the world renowned Sundance Film Festival come to    ... more

A city coloured with culture

Driving along Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road has become a permanent feature on the ‘Bucket List’ of many a traveller that    ... more

The race for Oscar glory heats up

The nights are drawing in, the clocks turned back, the slow fall into winter has well and truly begun and in Hollywood    ... more

The London Film Museum, Covent Garden

Fancy somewhere a bit different to the usual selection of museums to visit during your day in London? The beautifully constructed    ... more

Monsters University: A review of the biggest kids film this summer

By Yasmin Giannini – aged 8 BOO! Got your attention – but that’s the last you’ll hear of the cute little    ... more

Cardboard City’ tale packs real punch

The premiere of a powerful new short film is set to take place at the BAFTA cinema, Piccadilly, London on April    ... more

Movie Review Madagascar 3

Europe’s most wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a brilliant PG film that I think everyone should watch. PG stands for ‘Parental Guidance,’    ... more