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The future draws near

The medium of video games might capture the imagination of players through the worlds they might explore, the characters they meet    ... more

A new horizon dawns

European development company Guerrilla Games are a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment and over the years they have worked closely to    ... more

Breath of the Wild

Last year, Nintendo lifted the curtain on their new hybrid console, offering the public their first look at the Nintendo Switch;    ... more

Credit @Bungie.Activision

A date with destiny

Master Chief, the green-clad space marine which may stand as the mascot for console gaming first found success in his debut    ... more


The Wright to serve justice

It was back in 2011 when the world got its hands on Nintendo’s recently unveiled portable gaming device. This year marked    ... more

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Pedal to the metal

For generations, video games may have attempted to tackle a variety of genres; from adventurous role playing titles to enigmatic puzzle    ... more

Abzu Credit@youtube.giantsquid

Artistic underwater adventure

Artists have aimed to permeate modern video games, something which might offer them a unique visual style and distinct charm. As    ... more

Looking in to virtual health

Virtual reality (VR) is taking a confident leap from a familiar science fiction concept to general public gadget, when the Oculus    ... more