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Personalised governance

Last week the Queen’s Speech outlined the Conservative government’s priorities, including a push for increased devolution in areas of the United    ... more

Conserving creative identity

Stephen Fry is among those who have signed an open letter to the British Government imploring them to save Soho, the    ... more

Labour energy price calls

Following the price of Brent crude oil dropping below US$50 a barrel there have been calls for companies to pass on    ... more

A race to the NHS funding line

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced an extra £2bn in NHS funding for frontline services in the Autumn    ... more

Economic localisation

Giving more power to cities like Manchester over their finances might be beneficial, says the RSA City Growth Commission. Allowing UK    ... more

Alleviating housing demand

Thousands of new homes aim to be built on unused and previously developed land, under the government’s plans to make it    ... more

Changing industries perception

A new campaign has been launched to boost participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the ‘STEM’ subjects) in English schools    ... more

Labour market employment scheme

The government has announced a new employment scheme called Help to Work. People in long-term unemployment who are capable of work    ... more

Planned infrastructure advancement

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced a £120 million infrastructure investment planning to bring jobs and businesses to the Sheffield    ... more

Soothing household expenditure predicaments

The cost of living in the UK is continuing to ease as starting salaries for permanent workers surged in March, growing    ... more

Data science escalated significance

The government is creating a world-class research institute specialising in data science dedicated to British WW2 code-breaker Alan Turing. The Chancellor    ... more

UK and Singapore agree greater financial co-operation

Singapore and the UK have agreed to set up a financial dialogue, which will focus on deepening financial and economic co-operation    ... more

Expansion of ‘Funding for Lending’ scheme to help small and upcoming businesses

Yesterday’s announcement by George Osborne to revamp and expand the ‘Funding for Lending’ scheme (FLS) did not come as a surprise    ... more