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Digital farming

Based on statistics, nearly 50% of Vietnam’s citizens – the equivalent of about 45 million people – are farmers and rely    ... more

An autonomous stretch

It was October 20th, 2015 when the world's first self-driving car took its debut voyage. The journey was conducted by Google’s    ... more

Taking on the giants

Last week, search engine giant Google faced questions in the United Kingdom regarding its unique tax agreement with Her Majesty’s Revenue    ... more

In mind’s eye

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) software has proven capable of learning to play video games, simply by watching. In a paper published    ... more

Black holes, space travel and comet chases

The past few weeks have been packed with developments that have caused widespread anticipation in the space science community and have    ... more

Challenges from the universe

The intriguing world of quantum physics is vastly different to the one humans may perceive on a day to day basis.    ... more

An extraordinary spectacle

The Google Impact Challenge, designed to help fund the most innovative technology, came to its conclusion last month when four winners    ... more

Changing industries perception

A new campaign has been launched to boost participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the ‘STEM’ subjects) in English schools    ... more

A moment of ‘Privacy’

This April has seen the opening of a brand new play in London, one which brings along an entirely new variation    ... more

Youthful progressing technology

Nick D’Aloisio, a 17-year-old London teenager, has recently become one of Britain’s youngest millionaires due to his invention of the app    ... more