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An evolving menu

Since the 1950s, the fast food industry, such as chain restaurants including McDonalds, Burger King and KFC, has proliferated across the    ... more

A sweet sip of summer

The tang of fresh mint garnished over the surface of a fruity cocktail compliments the heat of the sun, a sip    ... more

An extra two for longer life

Five fruit and vegetables a day has been the recommend guidelines for a healthy and sustainable life for as long as    ... more

More dairy and low gluten

The word ‘diet’ is often related with becoming slimmer. Even if a healthy diet is intended to keep you healthy, a    ... more

Stay cool

Having home temperature reduced by seven or eight degrees might have a healthy impact on ones weight along with helping to    ... more

‘Health, personality and love’ is on the menu

The sight on London streets of vans and bikes covered with grass and carrying gourmet frozen yoghurt may have added another    ... more

Eclectic Egyptian eats

When people in Egypt came up with an innovative idea of putting all leftovers together, mixing in a few extra herbs    ... more