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A charitable concept

With the numerous options to support charities available, certain retailers aim to make supporting a charity easier by automatically donating a    ... more

A thing of the past

A new study has found new inhibitor drugs prevent immature HIV cells from developing into mature HIV cells. This may represent    ... more

Artificial answers

Immunologists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida have shown that a synthetic molecule binds the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) more    ... more

Unique patient allows HIV progress

For years, many scientists have heralded vaccines as the only real and effective way of preventing the spread of Human Immunodeficiency    ... more

Rare mutation shows promising HIV treatment

Scientists have been able to genetically engineer the immune cells of twelve HIV positive individuals, allowing them to counter the virus    ... more

Unlocking health benefits

As a method of saving lives, medicine’s history stretches backwards in time by millennia. More recently, its intertwining relationship with modern    ... more

A new approach could prevail over HIV

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, shortly refereed as HIV, has been a reality for many years now. Although the virus was recognized    ... more

Man-made proteins

A team at the University of North Carolina School of medicine has shown a novel and innovative treatment method which might    ... more

‘Someone Like Me’

Durex and MTV have teamed up to help challenge and understand the global
 conception of HIV. The project will initiate a    ... more