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Dancing through the fantasy

Sound seems to play an important role in the presentation of cinema, the method which its multifaceted textures might be employed    ... more

A creed of its own

As the medium of video games may continue to expand it seems the number of studios producing new titles have done    ... more

Something to Taco ‘bout

There are many things which Los Angeles, California may be known for, such as Hollywood, it's beaches and the affluent areas    ... more

Wonderment at woman warrior

Permeating pop culture and renowned as one of the most iconic fictional female characters, Wonder Woman is the immortal Amazonian warrior    ... more

From Hollyoaks to Hollywood: Craig Daniel Adams stars in new movie Beat Girl

Hollyoaks fans will be delighted to hear that one of their favourite characters from the soap, Toby AKA Craig Daniel Adams,    ... more