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A century of childhood

The “Century of the Child” movement was coined by Swedish visionary Ellen Key, who in 1900 stated the 20th century should    ... more

The land of story

A Nordic island nation of 330,000 people, Iceland may be a country whose natural beauty, progress and culture draw increasing numbers    ... more

Bright lights and nordic tales

Reykjavik is a city thriving within Iceland’s recent popularity as a travel destination.  The multicultural influences that have become prevalent within    ... more

Front row to an ice and fire phenomenon

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, distantly neighboured by Greenland and Norway, lies a land sculpted by the whims of nature.    ... more

Land of fire and ice

Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the east of Greenland. By nature of its location, it was    ... more

A phoenix from the ashes

Saturday night saw the much-anticipated live finale of the 59th annual, much loved, Eurovision Song Contest grace our television screens up    ... more