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A genetic discovery

In a collaborative study, led by University College London (UCL) in partnership with Imperial College London, two institutes set out to    ... more

A well earned boost

How exercise improves the overall health of an individual has been proven. The focus has been on the biological changes occurring    ... more

A progressive understanding

New breakthroughs in diabetes may aid in preventing and potentially curing the condition. New trials and insights may provide the answer. Diabetes    ... more

A savoury new ideal

Sea salt, produced by the evaporation of sea water bespeaks of a more natural state. While far from aiding the sodium content    ... more

Pumping iron

A new study published in the online journal PLoS Medicine by a research team from Harvard University has shown muscle strengthening    ... more

Windows to the soul

Ever heard of the eyes being the windows to the soul? A recent technique to study an otherwise inaccessible structure of    ... more