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Discover a fantasy journey

Only a handful of video games may claim to have had a hand in shaping the interactive entertainment industry, and even    ... more

Portable pocket monsters

Earlier this year the Pokemon franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary , an achievement which may have strengthened the series place in pop    ... more


The fantasy continues

For fans of video games the name Square Enix may be known for its affiliation with the Final Fantasy Series. Square    ... more

Travel etiquette

When it comes to international travel, steeping in a foreign culture with customs and traditions different from the ones people are    ... more

Adapting for safety

The Germanwings 4U 9525 flight's collision in the French Alps led to the passing of 150 people and has highlighted potential    ... more

Marching to the same tune

Thousands of people joined a march in Tunis in an expression of unity in the face of recent extremist incidents. At    ... more

Discussions of the future

The Chinese government has announced that President Xi Jinping is scheduled to make his first state visit to the United States    ... more

Of snowy streets and crystal sculptures

The world recognises Japan for its cherry blossoms in spring and colourful leaves (koyo) in autumn. For its coolest season it    ... more

Fuel prospective and development

Hydrogen-powered cars are set to become an increasingly common sight on UK roads by 2020, as new models are announced and    ... more

Winged man in the bedroom

There was a surprising victor in this year’s iF Gold Award 2014 as a condom manufacturer claimed the award. Judged by    ... more

2014 FIFA World Cup draw produces exciting encounters

The 32 teams travelling to Brazil for next summer’s World Cup learned their group stage placements on Friday, and the draw    ... more

Magnetic levitation pushing the boundaries of ultra fast travel

Communities have been using rail to transport cargo as early as the mid fifteenth century. 300 years later, this concept was    ... more

Haiyan, the world’s most powerful storm, offers lessons

Typhoons or hurricanes are elevated storms patterns commonly occurring in the Pacific Ocean within areas of warm tropical waters. The Pacific    ... more

Giving something back to his community

Many professional footballers attend the odd community activity to promote the game at the grass-roots level, but none have worked harder    ... more

Kaiseki twist to Soho

Kirazu is the latest in a number of Japanese restaurants that have popped onto the London restaurant scene in the last    ... more