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Aki Zemu Music London

Zeamu music

Zeamu Music is an independent music company that produces fun songs for kids. Sam and Max Case’s mum is one of the    ... more

Supe Hero Cape Kit

Superhero cape

What does every superhero need? A cape of course! So we got one of our young writers, Becky to review the    ... more

UK - London - Natural History Museum

My visit to the Natural History Museum

I feel quite amazed at how huge the Natural History Museum is. It’s so busy and very noisy inside with all    ... more

Emerald Star and The Hetty Feather Trilogy

It may be surprising that this book is the last in a trilogy and if you are far from familiar with    ... more

Matilda the Musical in Soho London


This year, try to get your mums and dads to take you to see Matilda the Musical instead of a pantomime    ... more

Movie Review Madagascar 3

Europe’s most wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a brilliant PG film that I think everyone should watch. PG stands for ‘Parental Guidance,’    ... more

Adele at the BRIT Awards

Kids’ music review: 21 by Adele

Adele released 21, her second album, in 2011 for XL Recordings. She recorded the album in Hollywood and London. Adele sings    ... more