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Developing the thread of copyright

Throughout the world, indigenous people and local communities have developed a wealth of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions, which they may    ... more

Thawing through the law

Last week, the landmark case regarding the cryonic freezing of a terminal 14 year-old was settled by the Honorable Mr. Justice    ... more

Delhi gang rape is wake-up call on judicial and police reforms

The brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old female student on a bus in New Delhi has sparked protests on an unprecedented    ... more

Tesco Law

New providers of legal services in Britain aim to play a major part in driving down costs and making the law    ... more

London, Chris Bryant, Labour Party MP for Rhondda addressing the press outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, regarding The Leveson Report

State regulation of the press

An independent watchdog, set up in co-operation with the press aims to “protect public interest” and maintain press freedom, yet require    ... more