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The next frontier

The phrase “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” may have come about as a result of the    ... more

On another planet

There seems to be a considerable buzz around Mars as the next ‘giant leap for mankind’. In particular, the crowd funded    ... more

Probe sparks scientific collaborations

The UK’s Beagle 2 spacecraft has been retrieved after 11 years undetected on the Red Planet. The probe was found partially    ... more

A mission of morale boosting

The scientific spotlight moved to India when their Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) reached the planet’s orbit last week. The successful insertion    ... more

Building on innovative foundations

The list of applications for 3D printing continues to expand as engineers develop this flexible technology. As the industry grows, so    ... more

Robots in the sky

Central processing units (CPUs) are commonly used in modern robotics. They excel at quickly processing small streams of data, although they    ... more

One small step for man…

"Humanity's aim is to explore the Solar System for the sake of our survival," according to Tim Peake, a British astronaut.    ... more