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Penning down the facts

Omidyar Network, the leading philanthropic investment firm established by the billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, announced at the Skoll World Forum    ... more

Political evolution

In the weeks since the release of the now infamous recording of Donald Trump in conversation with Billy Bush regarding women    ... more

Virtual reality check

As humanity continues to evolve in a variety of ways the methods of media consumption may have progressed in sync. From    ... more

Changing face of Journalism

Facebook, a social networking site, announces the launch of Instant Articles; a new mobile news product that may allow publishers create    ... more

Mobile advertising elevation

A major increase in smartphone and mobile device advertising has created growth in the UK advertising market as industry experts reckon    ... more

The modern “f” word

As a new wave of feminism seems to be slowly securing its ever increasing grasp on the country, more and more    ... more

Jimmy Savile

Thousands to come forward and face recovery

The Jimmy Savile case seems to have been a ‘history-changing moment’, which has empowered thousands of people to come forward with    ... more