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Okja: A pig’s journey

Late June saw the release of the Netflix-distributed feature film Okja written and directed by South Korean helmer Bong Joon-Ho. This $50million    ... more

An iron-willed hero

The partnership between Marvel Studios and Netflix produced its first series together, Daredevil, in 2016. This debut collaborative project featured the    ... more

To capture the imagination

Those familiar with world of cinema may recognise the name DreamWorks, the production studio which seem to be responsible for several    ... more

The Little Prince credit@youtube.netflix

An open mind to happiness

From the page to the screen, another children’s story aims to walk the familiar path; this time, Le Petit Prince or    ... more

Working commitment and flexibility

Virgin Group boss, Sir Richard Branson, is offering his personal staff as much holiday as they want. On his website, he    ... more

Streaming media revolution

More than three million British households subscribe to Netflix, twice as many as a year ago, according to the latest estimates.    ... more