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Following Fidel

On Friday, 25th of November, President Raúl Castro of Cuba announced his elder brother and predecessor to the title, Fidel Castro,    ... more

Pearl of the Antilles

Last week, Cuba came into the spotlight following a historic visit from President Obama, the first President of the United States    ... more

Involving different voices

For the first time in decades, Cuba’s municipal elections have involved two opposition candidates. In what has been seen as an    ... more

The race begins

The Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has entered the race for the White House by launching her bid to    ... more

An improving relationship

US President Barack Obama has met with Cuban President Raul Castro in what is seen as a key step in the    ... more

Towards brighter skies

A leading Chinese weather scientist has stated the effects that climate change might have on infrastructure projects and the health the    ... more

Tax code to increase equality

President Barack Obama aims to use the State of the Union address to call for increased tax on the wealthy to    ... more

New “Snowden” consequences for NSA

The name of Edward Snowden has in recent times been one of the most controversial in the arena of international politics.    ... more

Cameron pledges to be world leader in Syrian humanitarian aid

This week has seen Syria remain the focus of media attention, with Parliament blocking Cameron’s desire to use military action in    ... more

America’s resistance triumphs

The double bombing of the Boston Marathon on 15th April 2013 which witnessed the passing away of 3 people (amongst them an    ... more