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Time to get personal

Tekken 7 may present an accessible entry to the franchise for players of all skill levels. With Tekken 7, the developers    ... more

A galactic effect

Developer Bioware returns to the industry of interactive entertainment with a recent addition to the Mass Effect Franchise. Bioware released the    ... more

The future draws near

The medium of video games might capture the imagination of players through the worlds they might explore, the characters they meet    ... more


A new lease on life

When a new game is released its developers may decide to release their title across multiple platforms, a marketing technique which    ... more

Broaden the horizon

The roar of a powerful engine and grace of the machine gliding across the horizon may be a sight to behold    ... more

Credit @Bungie.Activision

A date with destiny

Master Chief, the green-clad space marine which may stand as the mascot for console gaming first found success in his debut    ... more

One night in Karazhan credit@BlizzardEntertainment

Magical update to multiplatform adventure

In 2014, Blizzard Entertainment set out to unveil a new intellectual property (IP), a collectible card game under the title, Hearthstone:    ... more


By Emma Mills, aged 10 years old Minecraft is single or a multi-player game on Xbox and PC; it can teach    ... more