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The alchemy of artisanship

A collaboration between New Yorker Elizabeth Suda and Parisian Camille Hautefort has led to the creation of Article 22 – a beauty line    ... more

Speaking of Ukraine

As the political stability and territorial integrity of Ukraine continue to be an active topic for a third year running, some    ... more

Acknowledging advancing achievement

Since 1901 the Nobel Prize has recognised individuals for their contribution to scientific and cultural advances. Established by Swedish inventor Alfred    ... more

A phoenix from the ashes

Saturday night saw the much-anticipated live finale of the 59th annual, much loved, Eurovision Song Contest grace our television screens up    ... more

Trade, service and a desire for normality gives Zaatari refugee camp a sense of ‘home’

Refugee camps are notorious for their poverty, crime and deprivation, so it is refreshing to hear of attempts to establish a    ... more

Negotiations between Israel and Palestine show promise of resolution to conflict

For too long the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine has shaped affairs in the Middle East, so it is welcoming    ... more

New Palestinian Prime Minister revives hope for peace

The Palestinian Authority’s new Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah, was officially appointed on Sunday, coming at a critical time in which international    ... more