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A national achievement

The industrial revolution may have been a prosperous period for Great Britain, a time, which saw the country undergo significant changes.    ... more

Carbon footprint reduction

Over the years this planet may have seen its fair share of temperature fluctuations; whether heat increases or drops in temperature,    ... more

Teaming up with nature

When it comes to the energy market, proactive businesses seem to embrace a future-proofing approach by exploring innovative renewable energy sources.    ... more

Farming marine energy

New technology to harvest the oceans’ energy has been developed by WITT technology, converting ocean motion into energy. Proclaimed by the    ... more

Fuel prospective and development

Hydrogen-powered cars are set to become an increasingly common sight on UK roads by 2020, as new models are announced and    ... more

Supply chain investment boost

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has announced an investment of £100million to help companies strengthen their domestic supply chains and create    ... more

Green energy on the rise

Since the Industrial Revolution we have been generating power in many different ways. For over a hundred years, the burning of    ... more

Solar powered IT lessons

From the moment we wake up to the very last moments before we fall asleep we are using energy, to light    ... more

World leader on renewable energy

The world’s super powers, USA, Russia, and China, may owe their strength to a dependence of oil. Renewable energy remains a    ... more