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Drawing new roads

On October 14th, 2016, SoftBank Group Corporation (SBG) announced plans to form a private fund for making investments in the technology sector    ... more

Following the pilgrims’ path

Every year Muslims around the world prepare to travel to the Saudi Arabian cities of Mecca and Medina for the annual    ... more

An international ride

Uber has recently received a 3.5 billion dollar investment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, potentially solidifying Uber’s position as the    ... more

Reigniting peace talks

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has brought the ongoing situation in Syria back onto his agenda by stating the    ... more

The long journey to spiritual harmony

In western Saudi Arabia, across the expanse of dry, hot desert lies the populous and land marked province of Makkah. Its    ... more

The month of spiritual meaning

The Middle East is a region that roughly encompasses a majority of Western Asia and Egypt. It includes what is often known    ... more

Cycling through Saudi Arabia

Cycling through Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia seemed pleasantly surprised this week by an announcement a ban on women cyclists has been lifted. Saudi Arabia's    ... more