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A breath of fresh air

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland has adopted an action plan – "Roadmap towards a smoke-free Finland" – with    ... more

Unusual finding in 3,000 year old skeleton

Scientists have hit on an unusual finding that could lead to a better understanding of cardiovascular issues. Upon the discovery of    ... more

A topic of debate

The debate on protein’s role in general health, as a dietary need and supplement, has been in heavy discussion over the    ... more

A plan of action

The UK government has announced funding into dementia research may be doubled over the next 12 years as it aims to    ... more

Vaping or smoking ?

More than a million people in the UK and seven million across Europe have converted to using electronic cigarettes as the    ... more

Smoking ban prompts slide in asthmatic emergency cases

Further evidence of the public smoking ban’s positive impact emerged this week, linking it to a decrease in the number of    ... more