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Becoming ‘More United’

Over Christmas, the movement More United may have run a successful crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise funds for their    ... more

Following Fidel

On Friday, 25th of November, President Raúl Castro of Cuba announced his elder brother and predecessor to the title, Fidel Castro,    ... more

A virtual hug

With the up rise of social media, individuals may be able to communicate with people across the world in seconds rather    ... more

Exploring the world one photo at a time

Each holiday destination has its particular setting, character, and atmosphere. For travel photographs to be memorable, they may need to capture    ... more

Teenage breakthrough

As a 15-year-old sophomore at North County High School, Maryland, US, Jack Andraka may be far from an average young man.    ... more

Fresh perspective on hand

Challenging the body and mind with new perspectives on health - this is the concept driving one of the latest health    ... more

The modern era of emotional escapism

“I was reading my horoscope the other day and it said a relationship could start with someone with a name beginning    ... more

Could Facebook improve your mood?

Sitting at their laptops and flicking through Facebook news feeds, nearly 689,000 unsuspecting members of the public were part of a    ... more

Utilising Britain’s uniqueness

A Tourism Council has been set up by between the Government and the tourism and hospitality sector. It will focus on    ... more

A moment of ‘Privacy’

This April has seen the opening of a brand new play in London, one which brings along an entirely new variation    ... more

Modern day medicine

In the modern era technology plays a vital role in everyday life; it helps to organise, plan, schedule, socialise and entertain.    ... more

New technology for Minding the generation gap

Most of us may have elderly relations in our families, some who live close to home and others who live further    ... more

The trend about to change

The growing social trend described as an ‘online drinking game’ has hit its aim in achieving global status. Like all trends    ... more

The health benefits of social media

A discovery linking social gaming to weight reduction has been made by researchers from the Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.    ... more

Resolution change

The New Year’s Resolution seems to have become one of the Western world’s most famous traditions; an act of promise, self-improvement    ... more

Grab some fresh air

Technology may provide with helpful, time saving, innovative gadgets and devices to assist with the simplicity of boiling an egg to    ... more

26-year-old innovator cashes in on $1.1 billion Tumblr sale

At the age of 26, David Karp has just cashed in on $1.1 billion as his blogging platform turned social media    ... more

Google UK Headquarters, London, United Kingdom

Progressive technology design

How does one make the web more accessible and attractive to the elderly? How may the digital space be used to    ... more