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Observing the unobservable

The initiation of cancer cells has been observed for the first time, together with the rebirth of certain cell states only    ... more

New blood

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has announced the first trial to give synthetic blood to human volunteers. Scientists are aiming    ... more

Out of sight, out of mind

Researchers in the US have discovered that a particular RNA molecule may be directed to increase the production of neurons. The    ... more

Revolutionary technique enlightens dentistry

Teeth: the workhorse of the human body. Their specialised shapes have meant that humans as a species can eat a broad    ... more

Stem cell breakthrough hails research possibilities

A novel and first of its kind discovery may have altered the way we test products and compounds meant for human    ... more

Building muscle, minus the weights

The potential advances that are offered by stem cells have been noted in numerous scientific papers covering hundreds of medicinal topics.    ... more

Medical breakthrough of the year 2013

Voted breakthrough of the year by the Washington-based journal Science, a potential revolution in cancer treatment that involves harnessing the body’s    ... more