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Shifting Shanghai

Whilst it may be one of the most easterly municipalities of China, Shanghai itself may be the most populated city in China,    ... more

History and Hallowe’en

Each year at the end of October, families and friends of all ages aim to come together in order to celebrate    ... more

A fair share of reading

For the 32nd time this November, the Miami Book Fair aims to take place at the Miami Dade College in downtown Miami,    ... more

All which glitters is “Gold”

The opera “Gold”, which recently opened at the Zurich Opera House, is based on a fictional moral tale written by the    ... more

When Berlin takes back the night

For many, Berlin may have an extensive and potentially interesting history, especially regarding the previous century, and this summer may be    ... more

It takes two

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the national centre of commerce, industry, politics, technology, and culture. State of the art    ... more

A brewing Caledonian itinerary

Hilly Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, has a medieval town and a modern Georgian new town, together listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.    ... more

Flower power

Glastonbury may be one of Europe’s biggest outdoor festivals of music and culture. Set to begin on Wednesday 22nd June and    ... more

Tout Arrive en France

Contested every four years, the UEFA European Championship has been showcasing the continent’s top football talent since beginning in 1960. It    ... more

Dragons at the Duanwa Festival.Credit@Cissa.Ferreira.flickr.com

Dumplings and dragons

The Dragon Boat Festival (also known as the Duanwu Festival) is set to take place on the 9th June this year    ... more

A taste of summer

The Bottlerock Festival in California combines live music from well-known artists as well as locally produced beers and wines. California’s Napa    ... more

Jewel of the East

Ukraine has won the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time in ten years. At the event in Stockholm on Saturday    ... more

Lights, camera, action

Today marks the beginning of the Cannes International Film Festival, a world-famous event associated with glitz, glamour, and well-known names in    ... more

Gurus, Godavari and the Ganges

The Kumbh Mela may be one of the most important festivals for Hindus living in India and around the world. It    ... more

Waves of orange

Koningsdag, or King’s Day, is an annual celebration of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. This unique event formerly celebrated the birthday    ... more

Chocolate, waffles and beer

Wedged in between the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg, Belgium is a small yet mighty country with growing tourism figures. Belgium’s    ... more

Preserving remnants of history

Myanmar, located in South East Asia, is a historically significant country which became independent from British colonial rule in 1948. Also    ... more

Changing tides

The demand for cruise ship holidays may be on the rise, as many cruise ship companies have begun planning the release    ... more

A celebration of flavour

The harvesting season may be a popular occasion in many wine-producing countries such as France, Italy and Spain. During this time,    ... more

Enter the New Year

As of this week, the year of the monkey arrives, according to the Chinese. The Chinese New Year, also known as    ... more

Mysterious masks and the floating city

The Carnevale di Venezia is a unique Italian event which takes place each year around the start of February. It started    ... more

The land of grace and petroleum

Land of grace was the nickname given to Venezuela by Christopher Columbus, a European explorer who visited the country during his    ... more

Visiting an ancient kingdom

In Spring 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to make an official visit to Bhutan, a small country    ... more

Black and red lands

Home to what may be some of the greatest architectural creations in history; evidence of Egypt’s ancient civilisation may still be    ... more

Past reanimates the present

Each year around the start of January, the Ati-Atihan festival aims to take place for one week in Kalibo, a capital-town    ... more

Oasis in desert lands

A recent travel trends report published by ABTA listed Abu Dhabi as a “destination to watch” in 2016. ABTAs list includes    ... more

Greetings from the Tropic of Capricorn

With the festive season in full swing here in the United Kingdom, the same festive celebrations are taking place in a    ... more

City of gold goes green

The World Travel Awards took place on the 12th December this year in Morocco. It is here which Dubai was announced    ... more

Painting the town red

Buñol is a small historic town in the province of Valencia, roughly 40kms west of the autonomous capital. It is a    ... more

Sporting economic development

The 2014 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil, is expected to inject approximately $13.5 billion into the Brazilian economy; according to    ... more

Unveiling new depths in a flourishing nation

Located centrally in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam, in the Minh Hoa district and surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforest, is    ... more

Music tourism financial perspective

A recent survey by the UK’s national tourism agency found the country’s musical success on the domestic and global stage was    ... more

Challenging economic perception

North East England achieved the fastest growth in business activity last month for the first time in almost four years, followed    ... more

Utilising Britain’s uniqueness

A Tourism Council has been set up by between the Government and the tourism and hospitality sector. It will focus on    ... more

Carpe Diem in the land of antiquity

Africa is an ancient landmass on many fronts; in a geological sense the most aged rocks are dated to 4 billion    ... more