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Thawing through the law

Last week, the landmark case regarding the cryonic freezing of a terminal 14 year-old was settled by the Honorable Mr. Justice    ... more

A leg to stand on

An innovative prosthetic leg design that anchors directly onto the bone has just been approved by the FDA. The design may    ... more

Spark of mystery

In a world-first, researchers appear to have discovered a material that may act as both a conductor and an insulator simultaneously,    ... more

New blood

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has announced the first trial to give synthetic blood to human volunteers. Scientists are aiming    ... more

Whispering clouds and the supernatural

Benches reimagined as light shows, musical plants and personal light orchestras might become a reality for Bristol. Watershed recently announced its    ... more

Julian Assange addresses supporters outside Ecuadorian Embassy

The Wiki Man

Like some strange creature in a political fairytale, Julian Assange — who is being sequestered in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge    ... more

Aerial view of crowd of people arranged in British pound symbol

Regulator approval boosts crowdfunding

The appeal of crowdfunding, the rapidly-growing phenomenon that allows those with even modest means to invest in companies and projects, may    ... more

Butcher’s booming boost

While the recent horsemeat situation may have rocked supermarkets, London’s local butchers have experienced a boost in sales from customers looking    ... more

UK - Politics - Cutout of David Cameron in the LGBT stand at the Conservative Party Conference

Vote victory paths for legalisation

An historic House of Commons vote on 5th February has paved the path for legalising same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom,    ... more

A stationary bullet train at a station

The environmental impact of transportation

The environmental impact of the forthcoming UK high speed rail network may be reduced with careful planning and compensatory measures, according    ... more

Pipetting DNA sample onto DNA sequencing gel

‘Quadruple helix’ cancer cure

A group of chemical biologists at the University of Cambridge have proven the existence of the quadruple helix in human cells,    ... more

Helicopter crashes after hitting crane on Vauxhall Tower

Speed of fire brigade

London Fire Brigade have confirmed that they were able to save the life of a man in a burning car due    ... more

A cure for noise-induced effects on hearing

Scientists have found a potential cure for permanent deafness caused by loud noise exposure, infection and drug use, using a medicine    ... more

London Camden Town, one of the most attractive places for turists in the UK capital expecially for i

Aspiring small retailers

Last year, US consumers spent a total of $5.5bn (£3.4bn) on goods from independent merchants under an American Express sponsored initiative    ... more

Three Chelsea Pensioners

British life expectancy

A 2012 year-end report from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that people in Britain are living on average six    ... more

UK - Same-Sex gay Marriage

Same sex marriage tops agenda

Same-sex couples would be able to marry under new government proposals which intend to legalise gay marriage in the UK. The    ... more

London 2012 - Athletics - Men's 5000m Final - Mo Farah

2012: The year in news [Image Gallery]

The end of 2012 is upon us. This landmark year for London, and the world has seen everything from the Summer    ... more

The Queen’s Christmas Message goes high-tech

The Queen’s traditional annual speech to the nation on Christmas Day has been shot in 3D for the first time, it    ... more

Canary Wharf viewed from Cabot Square, London, England, UK

Markets set to push higher in 2013

A reasonable level of optimism for 2013 seems to be prevailing. “After profitable 2012, we expect another positive year for global    ... more

Southern Cross Austereo CEO Rys Holleran faces the media about the prank call

Radio station to donate over £320,000

Australian radio station to donate over £320,000 to nurse's family (£32,000 donation).The Australian radio station behind the phone call to the    ... more

Derelict building, London, England

Revamping derelict buildings

A new fund to help bring empty housing back into use has been launched by the government. Three hundred million pounds    ... more

UK - Criminal Justice System - HMP Send women's closed prison

Providing guidance to institutionalised young people

Across England and Wales newly-released people are in need of support by mentors, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said. During one    ... more

London, Chris Bryant, Labour Party MP for Rhondda addressing the press outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, regarding The Leveson Report

State regulation of the press

An independent watchdog, set up in co-operation with the press aims to “protect public interest” and maintain press freedom, yet require    ... more

Survivors to meet under justice resolution plans

Thousands of survivors may be given the opportunity to have a say in ‘restorative justice’ thanks to new plans announced in    ... more

Mothers in Brixton London UK

Shared maternity options

Maternity leave may be ‘shared’ by both parents, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced this month. As part of his speech in    ... more

Construction of New UK Homes © Wayne Ruston | Dreamstime.com

Building homes via council pension funds

Pension funds may help finance the construction of 300,000 new UK homes every year without spending an ‘extra penny’ of public    ... more