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Social supermarket community

In a bid to resolve food shortage in the UK, a national rollout of social supermarkets and community shops, are being    ... more

Financial progression

According to the European Commission, the economy in the UK is forecast to grow by 2.5 percent in 2015. The British    ... more

Economic immigration contribution

According to a recent European Commission report, the current UK immigration policy is mostly beneficial to the country. In the report,    ... more

Ballooning economic employment

Compared to last year, nearly a million more people are in work, making the employment rate the highest ever recorded, new    ... more

Celebrity speakers bring austerity protest into the limelight

On the afternoon of Saturday 21st June celebrity comedian Russell Brand joined approximately 50,000 people, of all ages, cultures and backgrounds    ... more

Utilising young people’s potential

When envisioning youth work experience commissioned by relevant charities, images of work in the community, soup kitchens and outdoor maintenance may    ... more

Regulation reforms potential employment shift

Plans have been confirmed for 336 regulatory reforms, according to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Defra. They    ... more

Women in employment reaches important milestone

The employment rate of women now in work has reached 67.2%, the highest since records began. Over 14 million women are    ... more

Getting Britain back to work

News of the widely-condemned benefit cap that was applied to four London boroughs on Monday has already begun motivating Britons back    ... more