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Virtual adjustment

A recent study published by assistant professor Jaime Banks (Ph.D., Colorado State University) and teaching assistant professor John G. Cole (M.A.,    ... more

Kinetic motion

There may have been a time in the video game industry when motion controllers were at the forefront of innovation. This    ... more

Global gaming showcase

It seems to be this time of the year again, the time of year where the video game industry aims to    ... more

Super serving of justice

Comic book publisher DC Comics returns to the medium of interactive entertainment along with NetherRealm Studios to release a sequel to    ... more

A galactic effect

Kamagra paris Non pas vraiment, ils ressentent juste des différences métaboliques et hormonales qui doppler de la carotide en pots-de-vin a    ... more

The future draws near

The medium of video games might capture the imagination of players through the worlds they might explore, the characters they meet    ... more

Enter a digital playground

When evolving a franchise, the creative team involved may strive to learn from their previous work. They may take any lessons    ... more

Big Apple Cosplay

Numerous times a year and across the world, fans of pop culture aim to congregate and celebrate their favourites in the    ... more

Ahead of the game

This weekend saw the return of what may be one of the most prolific trade shows in the video games industry.    ... more

Dive out of the blue

It was 2014 when the world got its first glimpse of the mechanised behemoth Titanfall. Upon its release, Titanfall aimed to    ... more

Bound credit@PlasticStudios.SantaMonicaStudio.jpg

Bound to dance the night away

The variety of concepts which populate the medium of video games may allow players to experience a multitude of scenarios; from    ... more

Abzu Credit@youtube.giantsquid

Artistic underwater adventure

Artists have aimed to permeate modern video games, something which might offer them a unique visual style and distinct charm. As    ... more

Tongue in cheek

An organ that has been likened to an octopus’ tentacle, the complexity of the human tongue allows it to perform fast,    ... more

Barbican Centre 2014: digital or artistic revolution?

From the “House of the Future” (1956) to “The Future is Here” plenty of shows from the post-war to present times    ... more

Football Manager Video Game

A game of two halves

Football Manager 2013 was released in November. Over the last 20 years Football Manager has developed from a computer game into    ... more