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A potent priority

With Manchester City 16 points clear at the top of the Premier League, they seem best equipped to claim this piece    ... more

Minnow versus the giant

The FA cup may be a unique tournament where minnows may conquer giants, enthrals fans worldwide. The history of the FA    ... more

Young centurion sets benchmark for future success

Domestic competitions were replaced by international duties across Europe this week where England embarked on their France 2016 European qualifying campaign.    ... more

England women celebrate World Cup qualification in style

Mark Sampson’s women’s England team who currently sit seventh in the FIFA world rankings, anticipate an atmospheric home crowd fixture with    ... more

Wembley appearance highlights newfound popularity

On Sunday Wembley hosted an enthralling match-up between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders. A highly-anticipated affair with an audience    ... more

Valuable experience can be a blessing in disguise

Charlton Athletic Football Club has come a long way since relegations from the Premier League and Championship within three years from    ... more

England plays host to the Danone Nations Cup

The Danone Nations Cup gives promising 10-12 year old stars the chance to represent their country on a huge stage and    ... more