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Turning the other cheek

The East London Mosque, located on Whitechapel Road, may have been a religious ground which has faced adversity since its first    ... more

Shifting Shanghai

Whilst it may be one of the most easterly municipalities of China, Shanghai itself may be the most populated city in China,    ... more

Snow spectacle in the East

Created with the theme ‘Pearl on the Crown of Ice and Snow’, the Chinese Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is set    ... more

Sunrise above ancient stones

Around the 22nd December each year, many visitors from around the world gather at Stonehenge in the early hours to mark    ... more

Whip crackers sound and lanterns glow

Each year at the start of December, Christmas markets around Europe may begin to pop up offering patrons the opportunity to    ... more

Seasonal multiple sclerosis

Relief for individuals with the multiple sclerosis (MS) condition may well be anticipated with the coming shorter days during winter. Why    ... more

Through the eyes of wolves

For many, the start of the year may offer new beginnings and adventurous travel destinations, some of which is ideal considering    ... more

Welcoming shades of winter

Celebrating its 119th anniversary the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival remains to be one of the longest-running events in the Eastern United    ... more

Hundreds of thousands of magical lights

Home to the world's tallest living Christmas tree (an old Douglas-fir over 200 years old), Capilano Suspension Bridge aims to captivate    ... more

Lighting up the Spanish season’s celebrations

Barcelona has become a summer weekend-break favourite. The Catalan capital has much to offer all year round - from the celebrated design    ... more

The people behind the ice

Jukkasjӓrvi, a remote village located 200km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, is a land of contrasts. In winter, temperatures    ... more

It’s all about the intensity

Results from this year’s online flu survey suggest that 10% of people could prevent the flu by simply engaging in vigorous    ... more

Want to reduce weight? Go outside now.

We truly are in the heart of winter. Arctic winds, torrential rain and the fact that we can see our breath    ... more

A healthy winter

With the correct supplements, foods, exercises and view on life the winter season may be a healthy season. Along with staying    ... more