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Superseding the sixties

Superseding the sixties

With the World Cup having commenced, and approaching its halfway point, it seems this stage may signal an important period for    ... more

Progression and prominence

Progression and prominence

With the World Cup forthcoming, this period may be important in both suggesting which teams may be regarded as favourites, and for final preparations to get    ... more

Rewriting records

Rewriting records

With the vast investment implemented into club football, it seems this may have taken prominence in the sport, with international encounters    ... more

Fresh philosophies for FA

Upon the announcement of the vacancy of the England Women’s manager job, it seemed multiple high-ranking influencers may have placed their focus    ... more

A multitude of memoirs

Whilst the sport of football seems to possess multiple commentators, all of whom possess the necessary credentials to become proficient contributors    ... more

The land of the warrior king

Ghana lives up to the etymology of its name, once more, by taking a leading role in finding a solution to    ... more

Victory signals new tactical approach

Mario Gotze's 113th minute volley clinched a dramatic victory for Germany in Sunday's World Cup Final, as the Germans overcame a    ... more

Sporting economic development

The 2014 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil, is expected to inject approximately $13.5 billion into the Brazilian economy; according to    ... more

Samba nation takes centre stage

Brazilian carnival’s are amongst the most colourful, atmospheric and exhilarating events around the world. A collection of talented musicians, dancers, floats    ... more

Paraplegia kicks off

The opening scenes at the 2014 Brazil World Cup kicked off with glitz and glamour, riots and samba, a little Jennifer    ... more

Dusting off boots

Although the average age of football players when they retire is 35, dusting off boots and taking to the pitch again    ... more

The people behind the ice

Jukkasjӓrvi, a remote village located 200km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, is a land of contrasts. In winter, temperatures    ... more

England hockey building strong Olympic legacy

As the London Olympics passed its one-year anniversary this summer, with it came much discussion over the impact and the hopeful    ... more

Advanced technology in the football industry

The introduction of goal line technology to professional football has so far been a great success, and an encouraging sign of    ... more

England’s quest to reach Brazil

This week the Premier League season takes an international break as we wait and see if England can qualify for the    ... more