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Loch Ness creature in Scotland is such a mystery!

By Anna Salmon, aged 7 years old

Loch is the Scottish word for lake and Loch Ness is the biggest freshwater lake in Britain.  The Loch Ness is a lake situated in Scotland. It is 57 square kilometres big and 240 metres deep at its deepest point. That means if 150 men, as tall as my daddy, stood on one another’s shoulders at the bottom of the lake, the man on the top would just about be able to reach the top of the lake!

The loch is in a giant crack, which was made in the Earth’s crust by a glacier thousands of years ago. Until 12,000 years ago (the end of the Ice Age) the loch was frozen solid.

Some people think that an enchanting creature lives in the Loch Ness and they have given it the nickname Nessie, or the Loch Ness Monster. The deepest part of the Loch Ness is called Urquart Bay and that is where people think the Loch Ness monster might live if it exists. There have been stories about Nessie for hundreds of years. In the sixth century a monk from Ireland saw (or thought he saw) the head of a creature rising up out of the loch. Apparently he gave the creature a good telling off and it disappeared back into the water!

Loch Ness is situated in ScotlandCredit@Dave Connerviaflick

Loch Ness is situated in ScotlandCredit@Dave Connerviaflick

Some people think Nessie is a snail-like creature and others think it is more of a giant frog. Some even think it might be a plesiosaur left over from the dinosaurs. People have tried to take pictures, some succeeded, others find themselves with a lovely photo of an empty lake. Scientists have tried to use sonar or sound waves to find Nessie and one circus owner wanted her to be in his circus, so he made a large cage to catch the animal. However, Nessie has always succeeded in escaping these traps and remains elusive.

A man called Robert Rines thought he saw the Loch Ness creature when he was staying in a cottage by the loch in 1972. According to him, it looked like an upturned boat, with textured grey skin and it soon dived back under the water. A few months later he returned and managed to take a picture, which he said showed a large fin. Twenty five years later he was still looking. He returned to the loch with equipment, including GPS and sonar, and travelled across the loch in a boat. Robert Rines thought Urquart Bay was a good place to look and used sonar systems to find an object there, which was over 5 metres long. It could have been a log, so he decided to look again later to see if it had moved. When they looked again it had moved. Perhaps it really was Nessie!

If you are lucky you may see Nessie one day! Credit@Soff Ksovreli7

If you are lucky you may see Nessie one day! Credit@Soff Ksovreli7

I think it is really interesting that there are still mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster. There are so many things to find out and new things to learn in this world. Perhaps Nessie really is a dinosaur, or a creature we have yet to discover. The loch is very big and the Loch Ness creature seems to be very shy. I wonder if we will ever know for sure. I like to think that the Loch Ness creature really exists. I would love to go to Scotland and visit Loch Ness, so that I can see for myself. I think it would be best to go in the summer and rent a cottage, so that we could stay for a while and have a nice holiday, as well as looking for Nessie.

Whats your favorite enchanting creature?


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